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n e w s   2 0 2 0
coming up
new works on show
site-specific tape-drawing (XL on window) and tape drawings on paper
studio Blooey , Mathenesserdijk 412 L , Rotterdam
more info coming soon !

above : tape-drawing on paper (detail / self-made 8 mm tape)
art x design
'art meets design' project in cooperation with Remko Verhaagen / Blooey
(photos : Remko Verhaagen)

Tekenkabinet / 8th ed. / 2nd PART ... showing a new selection of works !
Amstelpark 13 · Amsterdam
see  www.tekenkabinet.nl  for tickets and more info


cooperation with studio Blooey
preparing XL site specific tape-drawing on window and small tape-works on paper

one of the concept bases for the XL tape-drawing (from scratch, notebook)
July - Aug
ready-made drawings joining me everywhere / The Alps (photo)
more in drawinglog !  (scribbles / wk 31 - 35)

5 till 28 June
u n l o c k e d !
′ TEKENKABINET XS ′ · Tekenkabinet / 8th edition  (see post below)
Amstelpark 13 · Amsterdam
NB. tickets available at   www.tekenkabinet.nl

above : one of the 5 drawings on show there
untitled (xx·xs series / n5) , brush & indian ink on paper

r e - v i e w   i s   b a c k
NEW DRAWINGS in my Re-View blog
go to  Re-View
and/or follow this blog on  Instagram / re-view-drawings

above : digital drawing (freehand)
one of a series of 3 new re-views after Per Kirkeby

May - June
Tekenkabinet / 8th edition
NB. Friday 1 May  17:00h  digital opening  on Facebook


r e - t r a c e   i s   b a c k
NEW PHOTO WORKS in my Re-Trace blog
go to  Re-Trace
and/or follow this blog on  Instagram

above : outside ready-made drawings joining me everywhere
(near my new studio ... within 1,5m !)

Jan - April
'back to the roots' project / part III

photo above : untitled 2020 (xx.xx series / 05)
happy XX·XX !

· · ·
n e w s   2 0 1 9
Sunday  29 Dec  14:00 - 16:00h
FINISSAGE  ‘Winterkabinet’
last chance to see my drawings there (and so many other works on paper)
looking forward to meeting you , because I'll be there too !
Amstelpark 13 · Amsterdam

above : one of three brush and indian ink drawings on view here
go to drawinglog or webshop for more info and to see all

o n   v i e w
‘Winterkabinet’ /  7th edition Tekenkabinet (3rd part)
showing a NEW drawing of mine
Amstelpark 13 · Amsterdam
(and the other good news is... the gallery has been renovated!)
NB. extra opening day on Saturday 28 Dec


photo above : detail of the indian ink drawing shown in ‘Winterkabinet’
(very small brush , close-up)
go to drawinglog to see the whole

13 Sept  till  20 Oct
Pictura  / Podium voor hedendaagse kunst
Voorstraat 190  Dordrecht
finissage : Sunday 20 Oct  15:00 h ... I'll be there too !

untitled 2019
after 'Central Park in the Dark' (after after.. Ives)
tape-drawing / mural
150 x 100 cm

below : a closer view

flyer & other participants :

13  till  29 Sept  - - -  E X T E N D E D  till end October
‘POP-UP‘  Tekenkabinet
Pampuslaan 11  Amsterdam
open : Fri to Sun  13 - 17h  - - -  as of 1 Oct on Sat and by appointment

5 May  till  26 May  30 June
Zomerkabinet / 7th edition Tekenkabinet
‘grootse hedendaagse tekenkunst op klein formaat’
Amstelpark 13 · Amsterdam
open : Thur to Sun 13 - 17h
see also drawinglog

April  2019

n e w   s t u d i o
very happy to announce that , after a long time of waiting... (because it had to be
built first... see here) , I'm this month moving to my new studio !
photo above : untitled 2019 ('home' series / 3) , ready-made
Feb / Mar  2019

s t o p - m o t i o n   p r o j e c t
dismantling tape-drawing mural
after artist-in-residency and solo exhibition at Haus34A , Bad Bentheim (DE)
photo above : one of 600 pics / stop-motion photo shoot
Sunday 03 Feb  2019

f i n i s s a g e
solo exhibition
Gallery  Haus34A   Bad Bentheim (DE)
more info on  www.haus34a.eu
nb... I will be there too , so hope to see you !
photo above : exhibition view  /  in front : drawings on paper , made with brush and indian ink (most right also graphite)  and , partially visible , in the back : tape-drawing (mural)
06 Jan  till  03 Feb  2019

solo exhibition
Gallery  Haus34A   Bad Bentheim (DE)
more info on  www.haus34a.eu
opening Sunday 6 Jan 16:00h
see also  www.galeries.nl
and review in Grafschafter Nachrichten / 09 01 '19
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n e w s   2 0 1 8
October  2018

'back to the roots' / part II
back to the roof of the world !!
high-altitude trek through Nepal : Upper Mustang, Saribung, Kang La
photo above : 2018-10-17 (near Saribung La / 6050m)
July & Aug  2018

'back to the roots' / part II
hiking and drawing in the Alps, preparing for the upcoming trek in Nepal
photo above : untitled (fountainhead), Swiss Alps
June  2018

artist in residency   (part 3)
follow-up work in Künstlerhaus  Haus34A  Bad Bentheim
try-out tape-drawing
photo above : one of the results
May  2018

artist in residency   (part 2)
follow-up work in Künstlerhaus  Haus34A  Bad Bentheim
try-out tape-drawing
photo above : try-out in progress
April · May  2018

working on 'cold tree' series and more...
artist in residence / part of 'back to the roots' project
in cooperation with Haus34A , Bad Bentheim (DE)
photo above : try-out 'cold tree' series (I) in Künstlerhaus
March  2018

artist in residency
Künstlerhaus Haus34A  Bad Bentheim (DE)
An age-old tree In the centre of Bad Bentheim has been drawing my attention every time I came by when I was participating in the exhibition ′Ich höre zu′ and every time I was visiting the gallery afterwards. Emerging as motive in recent works led to the idea of a working period in ′das Künstlerhaus′ of the gallery.
follow this 'back to the roots' project on  drawinglog  and/or  instagram
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Jan · Feb  2018
at the start of this year I've been working on a new website ..
as of Feb 25th  o n l i n e  !
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h i g h l i g h t s   2 0 1 7

Pictura   Voorstraat 190   Dordrecht
more about this work
follow me !
as of this year also on

Rotterdam Contemporary
represented by Pictura · booth 80
Art Fair parallel to Art Rotterdam
this year located in
World Trade Center Rotterdam


book launch
Borgerstraat Magazin 2017
publication of the (guest) artists of
Open Studios Borgerstraat last year

Open Studios Borgerstraat
Art Rotterdam Week 2017
· · ·
h i g h l i g h t s   2 0 1 6


Galerie Phoebus  Rotterdam
2 new series  /  presentation in 2 drawers

more about these works on drawinglog

Kunsthal Boschveld  Den Bosch
′ Paperroom I ′
showing 12 (!) recent works  (plus 8 in stock)

Pictura & Vestischen Künstlerbund
Willy Brand Park 5   Recklinghausen  (DE)

Dutch drawing manifestation
organized by Drawing Centre Diepenheim
my location: Pictura, Dordrecht
opening  ·  by Oscar Schrover , curator Kunsthal Boschveld
artist talk  ·  led by Michael van Hoogenhuyze, art historian and theorist
Art Rotterdam Week
guest artist
· · ·
h i g h l i g h t s   2 0 1 5

Yvonne van den Herik & Gerco de Ruijter
WTC  Art  Gallery  ·  Rotterdam
ART The Hague ·  booth 06
represented by WTC Rotterdam Art Gallery


Galerie Haus 34A · Bad Bentheim  (DE)
galerie Haus 34A
see also   ″Ausstellung zeigt Natur aus drei Perspektiven″
(review Grafschafter Nachrichten)

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publication (sold out)
yvonne van den herik · new drawings
2013, hard cover, 24 pages
ode to... J W van Welzenis
about my love for abstract expressionism
spin-off  of the exhibition ′200 jaar koninkrijk, 200 jaar (schilder)kunst′
Pictura  Dordrecht  in cooperation with  Dordrechts Museum
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